Guest arrival protocol

updated May 19 2021

We strive to create an experience that reveals your inner beauty, revives your hair desires, renews your presence and reclaims your essence.

Front desk coordinator (FDC) will greet guests while wearing the proper PPE mask and smock.

  • We request each client call us upon arrival.
  • FDC will greet guest outside with love.
  • FDC will check for masks and give one to them if needed.
  • FDC will be taking temps of each guest before being brought into the studio.
  • FDC will be inquiring on their exposure to Covid-19 by asking the questions in the guidelines.
  • FDC will ask them to ensure 6 ft distance where applicable and show them the hearts on the floor (represents 6ft social distancing) upon entering.
  • If guest is 100% and Designer has completed the sanitation, FDC will escort guest in, offer a smock to the guest and lead them to the sink to wash hands.
  • In the event the guest is not 100% we will have to reschedule for another time when it is safe.
  • Guest will then be escorted to the designer and proceed with services while relaxing in our beautiful, clean and safe studio.

“We were given two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.

People more than things have to be restored renewed revived reclaimed and redeemed. You will boost another’s self-esteem, and they will know you care about them.”

Restore what may have been compromised

Renew the style to enhance natural features and texture.

Revive the inner spirit so as to reflect on the outside what lies inside

Reclaim the natural look and feel

Reveal the individual essence of each guest

We will be adhering to 75% capacity in the studio and creating reservations accordingly with 15 min between each guest to sanitize the studio.