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May 2021

NYS Guideline as per May 19 2021  for salons and barber shops

I need to replenish my home hair care products; how can I get them easily?

  • We’ve Gone Online with retail.
  • We value providing premium products for you. The importance of purchasing your hair care products from reliable sources has been the challenge of our industry.

Our solution is ahhhhmazing.

Direct home delivery from our distributer. Yay!


Bobbipins  shop products is available 24/7, offering monthly promotions and discounts and access to even more  product lines.

Living proof – Ecru – IKG – Label M – Oligio – R+Co

Style Edit – Wet Brush

  • Click on the shop products link above, register your account, search the products we recommended. Add them to your cart, check out and within 2 business days you will receive the order. It’s that easy!

I need a gift for someone I love, are you selling gift Cards online?

  • Well, yes indeed we are! available 24/7 and customizable. check it out shop gift cards

Will there be a price increase considering the devastating impact on the hair salon industry?

We sincerely thank you for your loyalty and support during the past 12 months. We grew together! The guidelines put forth since June 2020 have not changed for the salon industry. Diligently, we continue to practice our safety protocol at 50% capacity for your safety and ours.

Updates in NY State law, increases in product cost, insurances and operating costs across the board necessitated an update to our pricing tables.

  • Please consider the value we offer you in our services. If ever you feel there is a need for us to elevate, we welcome the opportunity to do so. We will begin the new pricing as of May 19, 2021. (Any services that were previously reserved and pre-paid will be honored at the old fees in reference to that reservation)
  • Fees are determined based on the service provided, the time needed to perform the service, the products needed to style(finish) and the skill level required to execute the service.
  • We utilize a comprehensive pricing method that is precise in calculation. Fair and transparent communication is an upmost priority with our guests.
  • A printout will be available at the front desk.


What policy has been updated at Bobbipins?

  • As of 4/28 we have suspended pre-payment for colour services.

What policy still remains in effect?

  • Credit cards on file are required prior to making reservations
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of reservation will not be charged to the card. Please review the policy on the website.


I see you have a new menu with services listed that are unfamiliar, can you explain what they mean?

  • Master stylist level is comprised of exceptional skill gained through many years of experience, extensive hours of training in hands on and theory education

In choosing a Master stylist to perform all of your

hair care needs you will receive mindful and artfully executed services. We will determine the appropriate service upon an evaluation of each guest’s hair.

Finishing = drying the hair utilizing premium tools and products to accent the revived shape and result in a lasting hold.

Styling = removing the moisture from the hair and applying premium product to accent the revived shape.


  • Master shaping and finish


45 min reservation where guest is washed, shaped, blown out, dry shaped and finished

  • Master shaping


30 min reservation where guest is washed, shaped and styled.

  • Master clipper shaping


15 min reservation where guest is washed, shaped with clippers /shears and styled.

  • Colour consultations

30 min reservation where each new guest, or previous guest who is desiring colour change has an opportunity to communicate a desired result, your availability for reserving an appointment, and your budget.

May 2020

Hey Bobbi Pins Family,

First, I would like to extend gratitude to all of you for the many positive and supportive messages we have received. Thank you is an understatement! I apologize for the delay in update, I have been diligently preparing the past few weeks. So please read its entirety. Showing kindness and patience is the least we can do. Sometimes it’s all we can do. I hope each of you stays safe (and sane) as we each do our part to get through this.

Staying positive during isolation can be challenging especially when you’re in need of your hair service and not sure what’s happening with it. Second, we have taken this time of pause to put many hours of advanced education, restructuring, reorganizing and preparing for our new normal into action. Online training in colour, styling, shaping technique, and overall wellness, to name a few. As we have always been compliant with proper Sanitation procedures, we have all taken it a step further and completed a certification class in Barbacide. You will see posted protocol in the studio when you return to 8 Stony Brook Avenue. Finally, we have some answers to our most recent commonly asked questions we believe will put your mind at ease. Xo Nicole and the Bobbi pins team #we remain your team #growtogether.

When will we re open?

  • I do not believe we will be given to go ahead to re-open until after 6/1/20
  • We will contact you when we are more secure on an opening date

What safety measures have you implemented to ensure the well-being of your guests and your team members?

We understand your concerns, so we have outdone ourselves in preparing our studio for you!  The safety of our team and our guests is essential to us, so we have configured the studio in compliance with the 6 ft apart social distancing order.

  • Cleaned and/or disinfected all surfaces and implements
  • Laundered and/or disinfected all capes and towels
  • Removed any non-essential items throughout our studio, hot beverages and snacks, dining table, waiting area. Guests are welcome to BYO. beverages.
  • Initiated contactless methods of scheduling and payment. We will use a card on file if requested for the time being.
  • Acquired appropriate personal protective equipment to be used at all times by guests. (team members required to wear masks at all times, gloves except when hair shaping) Mandatory temperature taking for all and Team members.
  • Discontinued the practice of hand shaking, hugs and other non-essential contact … for the time being.
  • Implemented mandatory hand washing for team members and guests, upon every guest’s arrival and departure.
  • Re-trained our team on essential infection control and hand hygiene practices
  • Implemented 10-minute turn around time into our schedules to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces between guests.
  • Additional measures will be continued protocol until we are told it is safe to return to best practices mode.

Feel free to ask any of us at any time about all that we do to provide for your safety.

Should I reschedule my current reservation to after 5/15 (the current governors mandated end date?

  • We will contact everyone once we are more secure with a concrete opening date to move your current reservation, we will do our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.
  • In the interest of fairness Rescheduling will begin as per the previously reserved appointments from March 18. Those of you who had appointments that week will be serviced first. We will repeat that for the following weeks until we are all caught up .
  • If you have a specific date & time in which you’d prefer to secure after 6/1 please call and leave a message for us via voicemail.  We will do our best to accommodate your request by “moving” any current reservation that you may have previously reserved.

“What should I do with my future standing reservations already scheduled throughout the year?”

  • We will reschedule them after we reschedule all appointments from COVID-19’s closure, please be patient.

What if I change my mind after my new reservation is made?

  • You will be charged for the valuable time that we could have accommodated another guest with. (hopefully this will eliminate those uncomfortable situations)
  • If you arrive to your appointment and decide you do not want a previously reserved service, you will be charged for that reservation.

How do I know what I need for color when I return after going so long without it? And are you scheduling services that take more than 30 min. in the first few weeks of the re-open?

  • We will be sending out an email with an easy consultation questionnaire to retrieve valuable information required for us to better manage your color appointment. For example, if you’ve not had any color applied to your roots to cover grey in 2 months, you will most likely require additional color and additional time. (this is an additional charge and we want to be transparent with your cost and the timing required)
  • You may also need other services to manage the overall look beyond just the touch up but in the instance of time and fairness to all we will create consultation forms for you and pre book your next reservation to accommodate those additional services beyond the 30 min time frame. Initially in the first two weeks of reopening we will strive to reclaim your hair by offering these select services.
  • hair shaping
  • retouch (touchups)
  • frame highlights
  • glaze
  • conditioning treatments

Are you offering a DIY Home Touch-Up Kit for curbside pick-up?

After hours of discussion and checking on legalities I have decided to honor the requests of our guests. We require a waiver to be signed upon pick up. No exceptions Please if you are not well, wait until you are 100%. Remember beauty lies within and we will accommodate you when you are well.

  • If you need to band-aid the new growth color only, then this could be a solution.
  • For safety and precaution reasons Only guests with level 3 through 8 will qualify for this. So sorry blonde beauties. We will determine if you are a candidate when we receive your phone call request and return your call you to reserve a pickup date and time. Please be prompt as this is time sensitive
  • Accepted Form of Payment will be exact cash. $50.00
  • Beginning May 6
  • pick up days and hours are Wednesday 12:00 to 2:00   /  Thursday 12:00 to 2:00