Centrally located in historic Stony Brook on Long Island, New York. Our guests are delighted upon entering this studio, a quaint space that is designed in a peaceful and serene atmosphere that compliments the unique location. Combined with personal attention to every detail of your visit, our commitment to excellence in service and experience is only the beginning of what you will discover upon entering this studio for hair.

Established in 2016, BobbiPins N.Y. is the third studio in which owner and master hair designer Nicole Taylor has created throughout her 25+ year career. The journey has been fulfilling through the loyalty and friendship of her guests. With a grateful heart and vision to evolve,  8 Stony Brook Avenue has become a haven for all.

Translating knowledge and experience into hair design and colour is essential for our team. Chosen for this unique ability and individual chic, the designers at BobbiPins N.Y. are quickly becoming known and sought after to Revive, Reclaim, Restore, and Reveal not only your best hair, but your inner wellness. BobbiPins N.Y. provides extended appointment times, concierge service with highly educated master level professionals utilizing premium products,  and great music whilst you are enjoying your visit. We have always been proud to advocate for ethical beauty practices and all of our team members are legally compensated.

We welcome new guests to our full service studio, where we are certain you will return as a friend.