Our Commitment

When you choose to make reservations for your hair care needs at Bobbins N.Y. you are choosing to support an ethical beauty business, filled with a highly trained, educated, and well-paid professional staff in a beautiful environment with the highest quality products.

We provide extensive training and follow safety standards that are above and beyond State regulations. All of this requires investment in training and supplies to ensure healthful hair services.

Being an ethical employer is more than just paying our staff a living wage – it’s also about paying them a legal, fair wage.

Many hair salons pay their employees cash under the table, often at rates below minimum wage or misclassify their employees as independent contractors, placing all of the tax burden on the employee. These employment practices enable salons to have low prices at the expense of the employee.

In addition to mistreating and underpaying their staff, these businesses are essentially practicing tax evasion by avoiding paying thousands of dollars in employer taxes every month. This ultimately hurts the employee because they miss out on things like social security and unemployment benefits, as well as the ability to verify their wages in order to get a car loan or approval for a home loan or lease.

We are proud to be part of the movement redefining the industry and providing a better, safer environment for our guests and our employees.