We strive to create an experience that reveals your inner beauty, revives your hair desires, renews your presence and reclaims your essence.




We’re looking to add a self-motivated and hard working member to join our team!

A Studio Apprentice must have a strong understanding of a relaxing and rejuvenating salon experience AND 5 star service standards. As a Studio Apprentice, you will assist the lead designers with their daily tasks and maintaining the salon. This is a full time position and salon experience is preferred. 


• Gather supplies

• Mix colors

• Shampoo hair

• Sterilize tools

• Participate in inventory control & general cleaning

• Support the Bobbi Pins mission statement, policies and procedures

• Promote services and activities responding to guest inquiries and/or direct to appropriate sources for information

• Demonstrate positive attitude and actions through a display of courtesy, service, cooperation, hospitality, sensitivity and professionalism to guests and fellow employees

• Follow current Hair Salon CDC and State guidelines

The Studio Apprentice performs these duties to ensure the efficient operation and delivery of exceptional guest service at Bobbi Pins N.Y. The Studio Apprentice is instrumental in impressing the company standards for professionalism and service quality. The Studio Apprentice also acts as a liaison between the guests, stylists and reception to facilitate a smooth flow for all the guests. This is a fast paced, relaxing environment and we need someone who can be conscious of all that transpires each day and catch any issues before they happen. You must be able to interact with the client with utmost warmth and friendliness under any circumstance.

You Are:

• Positive, creative & energetic

• In love with your craft

• Passionate for learning & skill-building

• Interested in a career, not just a job

• A team player

• Organized, punctual & classy

• Professional

• A Licensed Cosmetologist or currently enrolled in a program

• Able to work Wednesday through Saturday 8:30 am until close (40 hrs per week)

• Able to drive and have a vehicle

• Have prior experience washing hair

We Can Offer:

• Consistent educational opportunities and advanced training

• Coaching & support to build your skills

• Stellar reputation & name recognition

• Guaranteed hourly salary plus commission performance bonuses

• W-2 Employee Status, we contribute to our employees’ tax responsibility in accordance with federal law

Please send your resume and a cover letter to nicole@bobbipinsny.com

Serious inquiries only.


It has been a wonderful experience to welcome our guests back into the studio. We have implemented necessary updates to our policy and menu. Please read below for our current updates.

Hello Bobbi Pins friends,

Welcoming all of our guests back into the studio has been, by far, the most wonderful experience. I want to take this time to express my gratitude for each of you.

Your patience, loyalty, compliance and understanding were overwhelmingly apparent throughout the past months, reopening and moving forward with future reservations. As we all move through this together, each of us has our own experience. Mindful of that certainty Bobbi Pins N.Y. extends compassionate well wishes to each of you and your families. We are committed to servicing you safely professionally and mindfully following the CDC and State guidelines set forth for our industry.

New York Hair Salons and Barbershops Reopening Guidelines

     Many of you have expressed your concern for the well-being of Bobbi Pins on a business perspective. With the best interest of Bobbi Pins N.Y. and its loyal Guests in mind know that every decision prior to or re-opening has been researched and consulted on with the industries foremost qualified professionals. With complete transparency, I can only assure you of what I know to be factual and what took many hours of careful consideration…

  • we are committed
  • we are informed daily
  • we are carefully and meticulously implementing procedure to effectuate best health practices
  • we have implemented necessary updates to our policy and menu
  • we are grateful

WHY an increase in Fee’s?

It has always been my vision to offer a space for all to revive restore and renew

Inner and outer beauty with integrity, honesty, passion and dedication to my craft.  With the help of the industry’s top advisor and coach, our fee structure was reviewed recalculated and implemented. Every service Bobbi Pins offers was broken down to reveal actual factual numbers. The increases on services are based on cost per service and time. (operational overhead, professional education level, ethical beauty practices, inflation and premium product use to name a few). As I am always striving for excellence in execution of service the same standard holds for execution of best business practice. I assure you these calculations reflect our value and have not simply increased without justified reasoning.


WHY a Guest Assurance and Consultation Policy?

We Instituted the guest assurance policy and consultation quotation to ensure a mutually agreeable course of action, which will lead to your overall happiness with Service execution Transparent pricing and Guaranteed reservation time.  Thus far it has proven to be more effective raising all levels of professionalism while valuing time more efficiently. Our Commitment to your guest experience is always evolving to higher standards.


WHY a Cancellation Policy?

Adhering to our cancellation policy now more than ever is essential to the survival of our heavenly Studio. As we move through this pandemic with a positive mindset, our time behind the chair servicing our guests is more valuable than ever before.  Please know that every missed reservation is detrimental to our ability to remain operational. Bobbi Pins (Small business) cannot sustain recovery with missed opportunity in our schedules. As always, we will do our best to provide confirmations and reminders to avoid any charges should rescheduling be necessary.


WHY a Prepayment Policy?

While we await a vaccine and reliable treatment options, we must do our part to help keep the community safe. For us, this means serving just 1 guest simultaneously, having only 2 professionals working in the salon each day, and taking 15 minutes between each appointment to disinfect the salon. These changes effectively reduce our available billable hours significantly, making the losses caused by no-shows far more impactful than they’d otherwise be. These are necessary steps, designed to ensure the salon doesn’t suffer the multiple losses incurred when a guest cancels on a 2+ hour service during a time when managing our schedule efficiently is profoundly essential.


We are thrilled to announce the Re Opening of Bobbi Pins N.Y and welcoming our guests back beginning June 10, 2020, this coming Wednesday.

We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share our time and talent in servicing our healthy guests.

Guest arrival protocol

Front desk coordinator (FDC) will greet guests while wearing the proper PPE mask and smock.

  • We request each client call us upon arrival.
  • FDC will greet guest outside with love.
  • FDC will check for masks and give one to them if needed.
  • FDC will be taking temps of each guest before being brought into the studio.
  • FDC will be inquiring on their exposure to Covid-19 by asking the questions in the guidelines.
  • FDC will ask them to ensure 6 ft distance where applicable and show them the hearts on the floor (represents 6ft social distancing) upon entering.
  • If guest is 100% and Designer has completed the sanitation, FDC will escort guest in, offer a smock to the guest and lead them to the sink to wash hands.
  • In the event the guest is not 100% we will have to reschedule for another time when it is safe.
  • Guest will then be escorted to the designer and proceed with services while relaxing in our beautiful, clean and safe studio.

“We were given two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.

People more than things have to be restored renewed revived reclaimed and redeemed. You will boost another’s self-esteem, and they will know you care about them.”

Restore what may have been compromised

Renew the style to enhance natural features and texture.

Revive the inner spirit so as to reflect on the outside what lies inside

Reclaim the natural look and feel

Reveal the individual essence of each guest

We will be adhering to 50% capacity in the studio and creating reservations accordingly with 15 min between each guest to sanitize the studio.

You may need other services to manage the overall look beyond just the touch up but in the instance of time and fairness to all we will create consultation forms for you and pre book your next reservation to accommodate those additional services. Initially in the first two weeks of reopening we will strive to reclaim your hair by offering these select services.

hair shaping


retouch (touchups)

frame highlights


Throughout the day: Designer

  • Upon arrival, staff will wear provided mask and shield, have temperature taken, wash hands for 20 seconds and put smock on.
  • Staff will only use the back bathroom and clean /disinfect after each use.
  • Check guest bathroom for cleanliness, wipe doorknob with disinfecting wipe after every guest use and re stock soap, PT and TP when low. 
  • Wipe chair covers, armrests, bottoms of chairs, disinfect after every guest. Must stay wet for 10 min
  • Have alternate brushes available for use.
  • Remove hair from brushes, Soak all brushes in ship shape disinfectant solution in labeled boxes after each use. Change towels in drawer clean and disinfect before placing sanitized brushes back in the drawer
  • Place every used towel directly into the bin immediately. Take towels out of bin throughout day, bring to laundry room and start a load using HOT water setting.
  • Wipe windowsills and ledges clean, then disinfect after each guest
  • Wipe all table surfaces clean, front desk, then disinfect after each guest
  • Make sure all products are wiped clean after each use with disinfecting wipes (including color cans, developer etc.)
  • Sweep floor after every guest. Wipe broom clean and disinfect.
  • Clean color bowls & color utensils, sanitize.
  • Lunch break is relocated to the greenhouse, break room is relocated to the back entry of the studio. Must wipe clean and disinfect all surfaces after use.

Throughout the day: Front Desk

  • Upon arrival, staff will wear provided mask and shield, have temperature taken, wash hands for 20 seconds and put smock on.
  • Wipe clean and disinfect front closet, front doorknob inside and out when each guest arrives and leaves.
  • Wipe clean and disinfect front desk surfaces Inc. plexiglass shield phone and computer. Top of counter before and after each guest leaves.


  1. Change Barbicide EVERY NIGHT refer to mixing guidelines posted in back room rinse and disinfect combs before putting back in.
  2. Wipe chair covers, armrests, bottoms of chairs, disinfect.
  3. Remove hair from brushes, change towels in drawer and Soak all brushes in ship shape disinfectant solution in labeled boxes.
  4. Remove hair from sink drain, disinfect.
  5. Clean Bathroom, toilet with brush and cleaner, and spray disinfectant.
  6. Wipe clean windowsills and ledges, doorknobs then disinfect.
  7. Wipe clean all table surfaces, front desk, then disinfect.
  8. Wipe clean all shelves and products, then disinfect.
  9. Use magic eraser for stubborn spots on all surfaces, walls and floor.
  10. Restock gloves and foils.
  11. Take towels out of bin, bring to laundry room and start a load. Hot Water setting.
  12. Empty all garbage’s, wipe clean and disinfect, replace bags take trash to dumpster.
  13.  Clean all mirrors with glass cleaner.
  14. Sweep floor thoroughly.  Mop floor with bleach (1/3 cup per gallon hot water) at end of day.